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Compensation Disclosure for

You should assume that the owner of this website is an affiliate for providers of the recommended goods and services and may be compensated when you purchase them from a provider.
All Products and the staff and writers for have NOT tried every recommended product.  Recommendations are based upon our general and specific knowledge and the assumed needs of the typical user of the product.  We look for the best product match to assist the reader from the most trusted and reliable sources on the web (in many cases - See below) and recommend a tool, book or product based upon our experience and actual customer and user feedback.
In cases where we HAVE tried a recommended product, we may, at our discretion, note this and give our personal opinions. Products
Ratings, descriptions and prices are accurate at the time of writing but may have changed by the time you read them.
For automatically generated ad carousels, ad blocks and store pages, we have less control over what Amazon recommends beyond choosing a catagory.  However, generally these are the highest rated products in the catagory.
We have tried to help you out with our recommendations, but please do your own research before buying ANY product.

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